Web App Development

We build powerful, feature rich and dynamic web applications. Web apps are very popular today and are widely used by startups to create fast, great solutions.

Our full-cycle custom web application development services includes product design and development, QA/ testing, deployment as well as ongoing maintenance.

What are Web Applications

Web apps are cross platform and cross device compatible web based applications that can be accessed through web browsers. Web apps are a great alternative to more expensive native applications.

Reasons You Should Develop Web Applications

  • No Download or install Needed

    It's easier for new users to start using your product since it does not require new users to install or download any software. Your users can simply access your app through their browsers and start using your app immediately.
  • No more updates

    Your users do not have to update their apps since every update you do on your webapp is enjoyed by your users automatically. This means no more outdated app versions or compatibility issues.
  • Easy Access

    Regardless of which browser or device your users are using they can easily access your web app. Your web app will work on every device with a web browser.
  • Easier Analytics Setup

    Easier to set up Analytics to track and monitor user engagement on your web application.
  • Cheaper to develop

    Building a web app is less expensive than building a native app. That's why nowadays many small businesses and startups choose to build web apps to test their app ideas and reduce risk.
  • Faster to Develop

    Building web apps is also a lot faster then building native applications. It only takes a few weeks to build a rich, fully equipped web application.

Responsive Web Development

Having difficulty keeping up with the endless choice of new devices and resolutions? Looking to build the mobile version of your website so that its is compatible with all resolutions, screen sizes and devices? We are experts in responsive website development and we build responsive websites so that your web page works seamlessly between all devices and resolutions.

What is a Responsive Website

Simply put, a responsive website adapts to new screens sizes and resolutions when switched between devices: desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. Responsive websites automatically respond to the new conditions and resize themselves to fit into the new environment without messing up your website's functionality or look.

Responsive Website Features

  • Adjusting Screen Resolution

    New mobile devices with different screen sizes and resolutions are being developed as we speak. We make sure your website works on all screen sizes and orientations.
  • Flexible Images

    We use flexible images so that your website images resize proportionately between screen sizes without distortion and without losing image quality.
  • Custom Layout Structure

    For extreme size changes we build custom layout structures so that your website can adapt to even the biggest and smallest screens sizes and resolutions.
  • Cross Browser Support

    Our responsive websites are build to work with all the browsers out there including Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

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