Lean Application Development

If you are starting a business that has a digital product at its heart then you have probably heard of Lean Development. If not then a quick search in Amazon will provide you with a reading list for the whole year. Not only have we read all the books we have delivered time and again for customers using the Lean App Development model.

Every day we help startups forge their business model and encourage them not to try and outwit the consumer but instead to respond to the consumer.

In order to avoid the danger of building a product that the market doesn’t want, our UI and UX team will narrow down an initial MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that will allow you to test the waters of the market you wish to enter. You can do this with just a working prototype.

Taking it one step further we can build out a responsive web page or a mobile app so you can easily get more feedback from the market place.

Then working with the results we can plan the subsequent phases of the project, launching updates, refining from feedback and finally shaping the product for scalability. All the time the iterations are worked through with our UI and UX experts alongside our iOS, Android, Web experts to ensure that the product is always easy to use and can be developed quickly and with a modest budget in mind.

Our full stack development teams use all the latest technologies for scaling solutions so you will not be caught out as your mobile app hits the wider market. We always manage everything in the cloud, which is designed for a lean, low cost beginning that only scales as your business does.

With full QA, product managers and a wealth of experience from launching 10’s of businesses every year, we believe Kogi is well positioned to help any entrepreneur on a modest budget fulfill their potential.

Here’s how we do it
wwi Lean Mobile App Development Process


App Strategy

There is no greater waste than developing the wrong product. At wwi Dev we help you develop a strategy and make sure your goals and milestones are in place.


Minimum Viable product

Also known as MVP is a product with only the core features and highest return on investment versus risk. MVP’s purpose is to test the market before committing to a bigger and expensive application build.

MVP allows you to get enough feedback from your user base to test the product’s key features with the least amount of effort/risk.

At wwi Dev we build MVP’s to collect feedback, market response, and test the waters.

Metrics / Analytics

By gathering data and feedback we can determine if the set milestones and goals are reached. These metrics and analytics data are the keys to making decisions on the next build and future features that needs to be developed.


Agile | Lean Development

At wwi Dev we utilize agile development methodologies and we achieve this through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.
Using Cloud technologies we share everything with our clients to ensure there is complete transparency. We share all the project documents (the tasks of each programmer, visible day by day), all code (shared live using tools such Github) and send daily updates or hold conference calls.

By assessing the direction of a project throughout the development lifecycle and by continuous communication between our teams we greatly reduce both development costs and time.