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wwi Dev is an planning, design and development house based in Dallas, TX that helps start-ups and corporations deliver on their product dreams.

About Us

Working with both agile and lean methodologies we deliver solutions within time frames of several weeks to months for larger projects. We can provide everything from wireframes to front-ends, including database design and cloud integrations.


We not only specialize in new product development but also business operation optimization. Everything we create either makes money or saves money, with a budget where you can see returns.


Our model is built around having loads of hands on experience with multiple clients, allowing us to offer competitive cost and fast development.


By successfully running an office where the majority of staff is allowed to telecommute, we have attracted and employee the best people from around the nation. Not to mention, going green, cutting overhead and trying to improve the overall happiness of our employees.


You should ask about our Penetration Testing (PEN), REST Service Layer, and marketing tool solutions.

The Studio


Our Team

Our multifaceted team of designers, producers, developers and testers share one mission: to deliver world class applications and websites that fulfill personal or corporate ambitions. For start-ups our work is your livelihood, and in the case of a corporation your next customer.

We specialize in full life cycle development projects, web based, mobile, internal operations and customer facing products.


Whilst we offer a range of individual services, clients that work with us from concept through to delivery gain the most value.


wwi, why, it’s the most important question you can ask yourself...why?
Without answering “why” you can’t define an intention. Asking why is a precursor for success. Understanding this idea is core for all our projects and is wwi we continue too provided successful solutions for our clients. We define clear intentions and deliver a great solution.




15455 Dallas Pkwy
Addison, TX 75001
(972) 338-4325

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